About Us

Operation Trackshoes (OT) is a completely volunteer based organization, including the Executive and Board Members.  With no paid staff, OT relies on the generosity of its volunteers to provide a safe and supportive environment for integration of people with and without disabilities through participation in recreational and social activities.

Operation Trackshoes is as much about promotion of awareness and respect for people of all abilities as it is about competition and participation.

Our Mandate

Since its inception in 1971, Operation Trackshoes’ mandate has remained focused on:

Providing a track, field and swim meet for British Columbians who have a developmental disability.

Tailoring events and activities for people of all ages and levels of ability.

Creating a safe, integrated sports festival for all competitors and volunteers.

Our Competitors

As many as 500 competitors attend OT and most of them stay in the University of Victoria dorms. Their support, along with the running of the meet itself, requires a minimum of 500 volunteers. Since for safety and liability reasons we will not accept a competitor’s registration until we are assured we have this support in place, the early recruitment of volunteers is a high priority.

Our Volunteer Counsellors

Our urgent need is for volunteer counsellors. This is a position very much like a camp counsellor, and requires no previous experience, just a willingness to participate. We will give you advance training and all the on-site support that you will need. Over 500 volunteers are needed to assist the athletes on the weekend.  There is a direct correlation between the number of competitors and the number of volunteers.

Our Meet Officials

The events at OT are run by meet officials. How many groups of people volunteer determine the number and kind of events that can be offered. If you and your friends, company, organization, baseball team etc. are able to contribute at least half a day, please contact us. We will have you run a small event, or join another group to run a larger one. We regret that we are unable to accept applications from individuals – minimum group size 6, please.

The Operation Trackshoes Community

Over the past 49 years many friendships have been made, many smiles have been exchanged, and many high fives have marked the joys of accomplishment. Competitors and volunteers alike return year after year to the OT experience, which never seems to grow old. Some have been coming to OT since the first meet in 1971.