A Guide to the Weekend

The two Information Centres

The main Information Centre is located in the trailer parked outside the Student Union Building. It is open 24 hours a day from 12:00 noon Friday to 3:00 pm Sunday. The Information Trailerís phone number is 250-721-2233. The second Information Centre is located in a tent at the Stadium and is open while the meet is in progress. Services include:

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremonies begin at 8:30 am Saturday morning with a Pipe Band leading the parade of competitors into the Stadium. The Closing Ceremonies are at 12:00 pm Sunday, featuring trophy presentations and ending with a trombone solo. Both are well worth attending.


Be sure to take in some of this yearís entertainment. It includes two rock and roll bands, a DJ for the Teen Dance, a movie, folk rock, and a live Karaoke concert. We have not forgotten the children in the Junior Program! They will experience fun events and a very cool DJ leading a sock hop no-one will want to miss.

The Banquets

There are three banquets on Saturday evening: one for the children in the Junior Program, one for teens and one for adults. If there are extra banquet tickets, they can be purchased at either Information Centre.

The Shirt Shop

The Shirt Shop was created so that everyone at Operation Trackshoes could purchase quality souvenirs of the weekend. Because it operates on a non-profit basis, we offer excellent value. Our supply includes shirts, jackets and hats, and a number of inexpensive items including temporary tattoos with the Operation Trackshoes logo. The Shirt Shop is located in the Stadium, and is open while the meet is in progress. Please drop by for a visit.

Identification: hats and wristbands

All key Operation Trackshoes personnel will be wearing red baseball caps. Most people will be wearing wristbands. The colours are: