An annual sports festival for British Columbia residents with a developmental disability


Held at the University of Victoria

Friday, June 9 to Sunday, June 11, 2023


Katie E - When I see the genuine gratitude and enjoyment light up the faces of the athletes, all of my troubles melt away. I step out of the shadows to help them have the time of their lives. I look forward to that weekend all year, probably more than they do.

Ron S - When I was first considered volunteering I was very reluctant. Not having any experience working with people with developmental disabilities, I didn't know how I would react. I decided to volunteer anyway and see what OT was all about. Systems and procedures were in place to handle all situations and soon my reluctance turned into enthusiasm. Support was everywhere. If I needed something or had a question, someone was there to help. When it was time to say goodbye, competitors thanked, hugged, and high-fived me as they boarded the bus. . . "see you next year," "thanks for everything". Just one weekend in June, but one I will remember for years.

Sandra O - The heart of the weekend is the sportsmanship and pride of the athletes, and the enthusiasm of the volunteers. Everyone leaves wishing the weekend could go on for one more day.